The Media Minute 06.26.2018

Email marketers have issues. Less than a tenth are free of challenges, and over a third have open rates of 10% or lower, according to The State of Email Marketing, a study by Return Path and Demand Metric.

At The Magazine Manager, we are thrilled to see our talented clients shine. That’s why we’d like to say “hats off to you” for winning multiple prestigious awards recently from CRMA and Folio.

As the role of audiences in digital marketing becomes more important, it’s critical for publishers to not just gather data, but understand what they have, and how to best utilize it.  Smaller publishers in particular, whose teams and budgets may be more limited in scope, must navigate audience-building, targeting and marketing in a way that makes the most of their team and budget.

Facebook has been flirting with video monetisation for a while, with beta tests of ad breaks in live video, in-stream video ads, and ad breaks in on-demand video. Till now, these were mostly available to a limited set of partners. Now Facebook is rolling out monetization products they are building to a wider audience.

New York Media wants to grow its audience like every other publisher. But it also wanted to make sure its growth was based on returning visitors and not just one-time hits. The publisher broke traffic records in four of the five months of 2018, reaching a record 53 million unique visitors in May, according to Google Analytics, New York said

TOKYO: Emotions are important in B2B purchasing decisions just as in B2C and new research reveals the role different emotions play along the B2B path to purchase.

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