The Media Minute 07.11.2018

At a time when the publishing industry faces intense economic pressures, audiobooks have become a rapidly expanding – and lucrative – revenue stream.

I am going to suggest something crazy: Objections are actually good in the digital ad sales process. I say this because almost every sales call will have some. It’s going to happen. And those objections can teach you a lot about what your prospect really needs.

Lead management is a general marketing term that describes the process of optimizing lead-based marketing activities. Most of these marketing activities typically entail modern, inbound strategies for producing sales leads or “hot” prospects.

Since it launched in December, News Corp’s ad platform News IQ has gotten a workout from advertisers looking to prove that the ads News IQ hosts led to business outcomes.

Publishers have historically touted ecommerce as a golden opportunity to increase their topline revenue. In this age of digital disruption, where major platforms like Facebook, Google and increasingly, Amazon have asserted their dominance, publishers of all sizes have had to work hard to reconfigure their business models to adapt.

Showcase houses aren’t a new concept for shelter magazines. Generally viewed as a natural—and expected—extension of a brand, it’s not atypical at this point for a magazine to participate in the nearly three-decade long trend by building part or all of a house of its own.

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