The Media Minute 03.20.2018

Why are so many news publishers pivoting back to subs & paywalls?  After all, they didn’t work for most of them before.  We all know why.

What industry faces a fundamental shift in their business model today more so than publishing? It’s hard to say. The decline of print publishing has been discussed for years, yet the growth in online delivery (and revolution in revenue models) can’t be ignored.

Apple is getting into the magazine business — not by buying magazines, but by buying a digital magazine distributor.

NEW YORK—Despite honoring an industry in never-ending flux, much about the 2018 National Magazine Awards (or the Ellies, named for the accompanying elephant-shaped trophy) remained consistent with well-established tradition.

Dunkin’ Donuts is betting big on voice ordering. As of March 14, people can order Dunkin’ Donuts or reorder recent items on their iPhones or Androids using their voice through the Google Assistant.

When I say “launch a digital strategy” I mean every aspect of digital: online content, social media, e-newsletter, and even text messaging.  A True Digital Transformation. Everything your publication needs to reach an ever-growing digital audience wherever they are across the web, social and on their mobile devices.

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