The Media Minute 01.23.2018

ESW Capital, LLC, today announced that it has acquired privately-held Knowledge Marketing. Based in Plymouth, Minnesota, Knowledge Marketing provides media and publishing companies with an integrated data management platform (DMP).

In an ever-competitive landscape, user IDs and cross-platform tracking are the true measures of your brand’s worth.

Retargeting companies were in the industry trade headlines last week, as a couple of the leading retargeters had made efforts to allow users to opt into having their data collected.

With monetization pressures mounting, publishers find themselves at an industry-wide crossroads, and the endless predictions about what next year holds reflect as much.

Regional pubs need to be visible in the marketplace, but declining margins make it difficult to justify retailers’ fees.

The Digiday AI Marketing Summit is coming up in April and will cover how brands can understand and use AI and machine learning in their marketing.

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