The Media Minute 01.30.2018

Much of the strategic focus in the digital economy thus far has revolved around getting better insights into consumers.

Email newsletters are a big hit amongst publishers. They generate big ad dollars and further engage audiences.

Twenty-one years ago, almost to the day, the New York Times embraced the “World Wide Web” and launched an online version of its daily newspaper, part of its “strategy to extend the readership of The Times and to create opportunities for the company in the electronic media industry.”

Rupert Murdoch is calling on Facebook to pay “trusted” publishers if it wants to carry their news stories and videos, much like a cable company pays networks for their channels.

Tom Freston, television executive and philanthropist, once said “Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.” Pop-Up Magazine is a living expression of that idea.

Facebook’s news-feed change is likely to cut into the money publishers can make from producing and distributing custom branded and sponsored editorial videos on the platform, their top source of revenue on Facebook.

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