The Media Minute 9.14.22

The exponential rise of digital marketing required companies to embrace new methods of reaching current customers and potential leads. Email marketing quickly proved itself as one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Today, the marketing strategy goes beyond sending monthly digital newsletters and product or service updates. In this blog, we’ll explore how email marketing automation works, which easy-to-use software help, and how email automation is used to nurture leads.

Adblocking sort of feels like the acid rain of the digital ad world – it was a huge and scary problem and undoubtedly caused problems, but it just… went away? Or at least stopped getting as many column inches devoted to it. Or maybe not – adblocking is back at 2018 levels, but that might be about to change again.

Google is once again pushing back its deadline for the end of third-party cookies on Chrome, this time to the second half of 2024. Publishers everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief, but this is no time for procrastination. Cookie deprecation is coming, and it will have a dramatic impact on the way publishers do business. Publishers have countless priorities competing for their limited time and resources, and the task of implementing alternative data solutions to replace third-party cookies can seem overwhelming.

Using a CRM for ad sales management is a fantastic step in fixing one of the biggest problems that ails publications. But using it for that reason alone is like using your smartphone just to make calls — you’re missing out on so much more! According to one report, 43% of CRM users use less than half of the features that their CRM offers … and I’d say that number is conservative. Regardless of whether that comes down to difficulty in understanding the system or ignorance as to all its capabilities, it’s an issue worth addressing if only because there’s so much potential on the other side.

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