The Media Minute 9.7.22

In order to truly measure the success of your landing pages, you need to understand which analytics count and how to track the right metrics. By actively monitoring the performance of your landing page, you’ll be able to gain a better understanding of which analytics count and how to track them. To start, Mirabel’s Marketing Manager will cover which metrics you should track to create the best landing page. We’ll talk about how to measure the success of a landing page to generate leads, increase conversion rates, and create clickable content.

The privacy-first model for the internet has already arrived – although headlines and mindsets may not be aware of this yet. Already, nearly half of the internet is cookieless today, when taking into account desktop, mobile and tablet browsers, and beyond. Publishers and marketers still leaning on the crutch of third-party cookies are missing out on the cookieless internet, when in actuality, many consumers are spending time in the cookieless future. This is great news for publishers. Cookieless identity solutions far outperform their predecessors in measurement potential and audience visibility.

Despite heavy spending in Q1 2022, digital ads are now back down to spending levels in 2018, well before the pandemic hit. Publishers should brace for a potentially rough 4th quarter in 2022 and be extremely careful about their budget forecasts for 2023 as brands pull back on budgets, expecting lean times.

In publishing, the addition of digital advertising has opened a new world of revenue opportunities as well as many challenges. And the technological transition has brought with it opportunities for publishers that did not exist as publishers gain the ability to sell advertising inventory across the entire internet. It’s a challenge for many sales reps to understand how digital advertising works so they can take advantage of these opportunities. Here, then, is a beginner’s guide to selling programmatic advertising.

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