The Media Minute 9.21.22

Anyone who’s ever created content marketing collateral knows to include internal and external links. This digital marketing best practice is in place because it lifts your content in search engine rankings. If you’re looking to improve your link-building strategy, take a look at how to create backlinks to your site, examples of a backlink, and more from Mirabel’s Marketing Manager.

This article works through one of the main objectives for digital publishers, namely optimizing the conversion funnel – attracting new audiences and moving these users through the funnel toward being a paying, profitable subscriber. It is about finding the balance between engagement and frustration that’s essential for high conversion rates. Too much frustration (caused by blocking content with a wall) and your user will turn away and find content elsewhere. Whilst leaving too much content open may well increase engagement but won’t monetize your content… Which is why we’re proposing an engagement funnel that finds the perfect slots to gradually convert your visitor into a consented lead, member and then subscriber.

As publishers pursue the critical goal of revenue diversification, competing KPIs have become a significant blocker — not only slowing the pursuit of revenue streams but also compromising the user experience. According to Digiday+ research, emerging revenue streams for publishers include programmatic advertising, events, affiliate commerce and selling products. The challenge is publishers are managing these diverse business initiatives in siloed departments, with limited optimization across organizations.

Ideally, a CRM should complete and streamline tasks in the natural environment you’re already comfortable working in, then have the fruits of that labor appear in the shared system for all team members to access.  When it comes to your long-term plans and day-to-day sanity, you can’t leave that connectivity (or lack thereof) to chance. Before choosing that CRM, take stock in these basic operating processes to see how your potential system should complement the tools you already have in place.

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