The Media Minute 7.13.22

When it comes to organic or paid content marketing, it’s about figuring out how to use data to enhance and optimize your digital strategy. Utilizing this data has never been easier, thanks to the king of search engine analytics: Google Analytics. Understanding Google Analytics helps you produce content that your target audience wants to see. The platform provides actionable insights, like click-through and bounce rates, time spent on page, and more. It’s a must-have in every marketer’s toolkit. This article will explain what is content marketing and how to use available to enhance your Google Analytics marketing strategy.

Tracking overall conversion rates is valuable, but it isn’t suited to the publishing industry. Instead, it’s highly more effective to combine engagement and conversion to create a 5-step conversion journey, tracking the smaller conversions in-between each step. In this way, you work on making small improvements at each step of the funnel that will cumulate into a significantly higher overall user-to-subscriber conversion rate.

In the face of third-party cookie deprecation and the loss of other once-relied-upon identifiers, leading agencies are throwing out the old marketing and advertising playbook and trying to wrap their minds around what audience understanding, targeting and measurement look like in a privacy-first world. While certain realities of a cookieless world have yet to take shape, there are approaches that global leaders have already started to master as they navigate the identity landscape of the future and chart their — and their clients’ — courses.  The first step is adopting a global mindset.

Coming out of the last few years and following what many were calling The Great Resignation, perhaps there’s no better time to embark on what I’d like to call The Great Recruitment — an opportunity to bring great, available talent together with 2022’s promising opportunity for the good of your publication.

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