The Media Minute 7.20.22

CRMs began as an addition to current software, evolving into browser extensions and apps to complement existing tools. Today, most companies rely on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) cloud-based technology for this marketing necessity. However, the next generation of CRM will include AI capabilities. According to recent IDC projections, “Intelligent CRM applications will account for 20 percent of the AI applications market.”

Think loyal users drive conversion? The data indicates a more nuanced reality. According to Piano’s latest Subscription Performance Benchmark Report, nearly 30% of subscription conversions happen after 10 active days – in the first year of a subscription business. In year two, over 40% of conversions happen on the first day of engagement.

The U.S. ad market contracted 3% in June, marking the first decline since February 2021, according to a MediaPost analysis of data from Standard Media Index’s U.S. Ad Market Tracker. The contraction follows a steady deceleration of the U.S. ad market’s expansion coming out of the COVID-19-related advertising recession. Relative to June 2020, which fell 23.1%, June 2022’s ad market index actually expanded 36.6%.

The resistance that some production managers have in opening up their flatplans to the rest of the company is widespread. And it does easily boil down to an overall resistance to change. These are easily dispelled myths that can be addressed head-on for the better of the publication, the people who make it, and the process overall.

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