The Media Minute 6.8.22

Content marketing can be accomplished through various channels and diverse types of content. The content marketing type you choose to employ should depend on your audience’s preferences. For example, your product or service might be best showcased through blog articles, videos, or a how-to guide. We can’t say exactly which content type would best suit your brand’s needs or best hit the metrics of your specific content marketing analytics — that will come through trial and error. We can, however, describe the top types of content that users want to see from brands they support.

Keeping customers – subscribers, advertisers or both – seems like common sense, but many businesses instinctively spend more time developing new business than nurturing existing customers… The need for effective retention strategies has been thrown into the spotlight for publishers dealing with subscription drop offs following the highs of the pandemic’s stay-at-home shopping sprees. Current record growth in advertising revenues could morph into a similar slump as the cost of living crisis bites harder and marketing budgets tighten in line with consumer spending.

The Federal Trade Commission plans a “start-to-finish reboot” to its guidance for digital advertisers, the agency said Friday. The agency last issued updated guidance for online disclosures in 2013, when it recommended that marketers make sure all terms, conditions and disclaimers were available to people who accessed ads on small mobile screens. Lesley Fair, a senior attorney with the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, stated Friday: “It’s time for a start-to-finish reboot, given the major changes in advertising tactics and techniques that marketers use.”

As was the case for many companies around the world, the coronavirus pandemic brought a plethora of unforeseen professional challenges. For the publishing industry in particular, these challenges included a significant decrease in revenue from advertising and subscriptions, as well as a lack of opportunity for new advertising partnerships. As publishers have persevered through many other changes and challenges over the years, I have no doubt we will continue to do so now. To help, I’ve compiled six tips to help you emerge even stronger than before.

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