The Media Minute 6.1.22

Common mistakes can hurt your email sender reputation. If you receive too many spam complaints, your reputation goes down. If you send unsolicited emails after buying an email list, your reputation goes down. If you fall into a spam trap or honeypot scam, your reputation goes down. Between sender reputation, sender scores, email deliverability, and IP reputation, it’s a lot to consider in a single marketing strategy. Here are a few basics on how to improve your email sender reputation.

45% of readers who load an article will leave within the first 15 seconds and more than 60% will not return, according to a new Chartbeat whitepaper.  “The Essential Engagement KPIs for Optimizing Conversion Rates,” delves into the importance of developing an effective audience engagement strategy, the essential KPIs for tracking it, and how publishers can use the measurements to build strategies that will optimize conversion rates.

The flagship Google Marketing Live conference is underway this week in which the ad industry’s largest name typically showcases its wares. This year’s installment is taking place as lawmakers and potential interlopers dial up the pressure. Renewed offerings in the retail media sector, not to mention the upcoming formal introduction of ad units in its TikTok-rival YouTube Shorts, point to growing competition in the sector while last week’s Digital Advertising Act underlines external tensions.

Since 2004, podcasts audiences have flourished. There are more than 2 million podcasts with 48 million+ episodes, which provide content targeted at a wide range of audiences. Additionally, there are an estimated 120 million podcast listeners in America, which makes podcasts a desirable advertising channel. Moreover, publishers have an advantage because magazine content seamlessly converts to podcast material. Whether the podcast features interviews with notable community leaders or recaps on city-famous events, this content is engaging.

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