The Media Minute 6.15.22

Creating the perfect content marketing strategy for your brand is no small feat. No matter how well you know your audience or how long you’ve spent optimizing your content, every content marketer has faced the challenge of gaining readership and brand awareness… This marketing blog will explore different ways on how to use digital growth hacking to expand and enhance your content marketing strategy, plus teach you how to learn from your content and get real results.

Publishers across the world are betting big on AI” write Señor, Sriram and Bravo. Clearly, the taboo around AI is fading. More than 75% of publishers say AI will play a crucial role in the success of their business within the next three years. This is not just in large newsrooms but in newsrooms across the world in developed and developing countries. The main barrier to the adoption of AI however is attracting talent and skills. Therefore, a more collaborative approach between media, research institutions, and third-party solutions needs to be encouraged.

The Federal Trade Commission plans a “start-to-finish reboot” to its guidance for digital advertisers, the agency said Friday. The agency last issued updated guidance for online disclosures in 2013, when it recommended that marketers make sure all terms, conditions and disclaimers were available to people who accessed ads on small mobile screens. Lesley Fair, a senior attorney with the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, stated Friday: “It’s time for a start-to-finish reboot, given the major changes in advertising tactics and techniques that marketers use.”

In the past, digital editions have been regarded as a side dish to the main course of a print edition, or an optional add-on to a subscription you already have. While I may have agreed with you five years ago, the relevance of digital content increases exponentially alongside our use of technology. The technologically advanced, data-driven society we live in needed a face-lift when it came to presenting content in a user-friendly, accessible way. It’s time to stop thinking about digital editions as a sidekick. They’re the superheroes we deserve, and they can help your audience connect with your content moving forward. Here’s a closer look at why now is the time to shift to digital.

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