The Media Minute 6.29.22

So, you’re creating a new landing page. That’s great! Landing pages are prime opportunities to convert your website’s visitors into leads. To increase your conversion rate, the landing page design needs to provide a smooth user experience. To get that smooth user experience, keep these 10 landing page design ideas in mind.

Publishers are seeing newsletters as distinct products, driving engagement and revenue. Newsletter strategy used to be focused exclusively on driving traffic to publishers’ websites with click-through rates the all-important metric. Increasingly, however, publishers are seeing newsletters as more than traffic drivers, developing them as distinct, standalone products that will cement audience engagement and even generate ecommerce revenue.

The first quarter of 2022 wasn’t the most successful for some publishers’ commerce businesses. But a few media companies are hoping to avoid this downward trajectory with new pricing models for affiliate deals. Execs hope this strategy will help to bring in more retail partners and take advantage of their audiences’ changing online shopping habits.

If you’re looking to start a magazine or pivot to digital editions, read on. We’re outlining the basic steps of how to start a magazine in 2022.

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