The Media Minute 6.5.24

Tech Support: The Latest In Legislation Designed To ‘Level Playing Field’ For Publishers And Big Tech

The ongoing battle between Big Tech and publishers has seen some particularly bloody action recently, headlined by Google’s recent launch of AI Overviews. But you’d have to be a hallucinating, pizza-glue-and-rock-eating tool to think the content-creators wouldn’t continue to put up a fight. And in the last week, publishers have seen some big allies step up in their corner.


Study Finds Consumer Payment Experience is Critical for Subscription Growth

Titled “The Payment Experience Is Critical To Subscriber Growth And Retention,” the study sounds the alarm on pervasive payment challenges flatlining consumer subscription growth, with a staggering 100% of surveyed businesses acknowledging the detrimental impact of failed payments.


B2B Pride: Brands Sure Of Their Data Strategy Spend More And Make More

B2B marketing budgets are headed for an uptick this year: 31% of brands that are confident in their data strategies expect significant increases, versus 16% last year, according to The 2024 B2B Marketing Outlook: The Data Confidence Divide, a study from Anteriad, conducted by Ascend2. However, B2B companies face ongoing challenges with their data.  


How AI is Reshaping Marketing for CMOs

Marketing leaders’ jobs are becoming harder than ever. With strict deadlines, tight budgets, and fewer resources, many CMOs are turning to AI to streamline workflows and help teams produce content at scale. We surveyed over 600 marketing and creative professionals at all levels, including 80+ CMOs and marketing leaders, to find out … the impact of content demand on CMOs, how AI is transforming the way marketers work, [and] the outlook on the future of marketing for brands.

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