The Media Minute 6.12.24

Yes, Facebook Is Down: Publishers Seeing Drastic Decline In Referrals (New Report)

Last year, in the midst of their still-ongoing battles with legislators and publishers regarding content usage, Meta commissioned a report claiming that less than 3% of what’s ultimately seen in Facebook Feeds are news links. Not only did this represent “an economically small and diminishing role” for the publisher content on the platform, the report claimed, but publishers actually “reap considerable economic benefits” through the traffic driven to their sites.

Recently, Chartbeat and Similarweb released new data highlighting just how steep the decline of Facebook’s referral traffic has gotten.


Among Companies, Amazon’s Ad Surge Overshadows Everything Else

The old Google-Meta duopoly will claim less than 47% of digital ad spending this year. Adding Amazon brings the share above 60%. Every other digital ad publisher pales in comparison, including seemingly major players like Microsoft and TikTok.


B2B Drift: SaaS Marketers Say It Is Harder To Reach Customers

B2B software as a service (SaaS) marketers are being tested — 55% say it has become more difficult to reach customers over the last five years, according to a new study from Exclaimer: The future of 1:1 marketing: Exploring challenges & personalization trends.  


The 2024 B2C Marketing Audience Building Report

While many B2C marketers struggle with data challenges, those who utilize diverse data points achieve significantly better marketing results. This new research offers valuable insights to help you improve your audience targeting strategies through a comprehensive approach to data.

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