The Media Minute 6.19.24

Renewed Interest: Publishers Increasing Focus On Subscriptions In Face Of Traffic, Ad Revenue & AI Challenges

A recent Toolkits survey of publishing executives found that most are increasing their focus on building subscription revenue when compared to a year ago. 

The results stand against any suggestion that, as Toolkits’ Jack Marshall categorizes it, a “broad subscription reversal is underway.”

Only 32% Of Global Publishers Are Actively Preparing For The Cookieless Future

The transition to a cookieless digital landscape has already taken significant strides despite the delay in Google’s phase-out of third-party cookies. With 45% of global web traffic now cookieless on Teads’ SSP, publishers and advertisers are navigating uncharted territory. This shift poses substantial challenges for publishers and advertisers, as highlighted in Teads’ latest survey. The study, involving 555 publishers across 58 countries, reveals a pressing need for the industry to adapt swiftly to these ongoing changes.

B2B Budget Bliss: Resources Are Being Poured Into Acquisition

B2B marketers are in an expensive mood as they allocate resources for acquisition marketing, judging by The State of B2B Customer Acquisition, a study from Stirista, conducted by Ascend2. Of those polled, 89% are positive about meeting their marketing goals this year. That may reflect spending — 72% expect an increase in acquisition initiatives over the next two years.  

Generative AI Is Now the Most Frequently Deployed AI Solution in Organizations

According to the survey, 29% of the 644 respondents from organizations in the U.S., Germany and the U.K. said that they have deployed and are using GenAI, making GenAI the most frequently deployed AI solution. GenAI was found to be more common than other solutions like graph techniques, optimization algorithms, rule-based systems, natural language processing and other types of machine learning.

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