The Media Minute 5.29.24

Searching AI And Low: What Google’s AI Overviews Mean For Publishers

Last week, I wrote about the rising search costs, with CPC and CPL both going up dramatically in the last year. 

There are a number of ways AI and automation can help with offsetting those specific rises, but today I want to shine a light on one particular AI use that is doing publishers no favors in terms of search.

As anyone who’s paid attention to AI news might have guessed, I’m referring to Google’s recently announced AI Overviews.


Google Ads Benchmarks 2024: New Trends & Insights for Key Industries

With over 80% of buying journeys beginning on search engines, it’s not a surprise that so many businesses are running search ads to capture searchers and convert them into customers. But with search engines like Google constantly changing the search landscape, and with advertising costs rising across the board, it’s important to understand how your search ads are really performing to drive the best results for your business.


B2B Dips Into AI: A Small Number Of Firms Try 2 Or More Use Cases

AI is catching on in B2B in a fitful way. Only 11% of brands are using AI for more than two use cases, and 38% are trying it for one, according to a new study from Bain & Company, titled “How B2B Sales and Marketing Leaders Are Getting The Most From Generative AI.” Firms with high revenue growth were twice as likely as laggards to deploy multiple use cases, by a margin of 11% to 5%. 


The State of Email and Automation 2024

The use of automation in email marketing programs allows for the expanded use of personalized and timely communication, enhancing customer engagement and conversion rates. Marketing professionals also consider leveraging AI and machine learning to streamline workflows and deliver more relevant content to their audience at scale. But what is working in email and automation, and what can you learn from other marketing professionals to optimize your programs this year?

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