The Media Minute 5.22.24

The Digital Direction: Online Overtaking Newspapers, TV For Local News

A new survey from Pew Research Center is confirming what many of us in the media industry have suspected: the new king of local news is digital.

Almost half (48%) of U.S. adults surveyed said they prefer news sites or social media for getting their local news and information, up from 37% in 2018 and overtaking television (which fell from 41% to 32% in that time). 9% prefer print newspapers (down from 13% in 2018) and an additional 9% prefer radio (up from 8%).


Working Professionals Increasingly Support The Use Of AI Tools

Communicators are more likely to have a favorable view of agencies and colleagues who incorporate AI into their work, according to an Axios-Seven Letter insights survey. This signals that AI-supported work might not be as taboo as it was just one year ago.


CMO Survey Finds Gen AI Already Has Had A Profound Impact On Marketing

The good news is that a little more than a year after generative AI applications began rolling out, they have had a substantial positive impact on marketing. The bad news is that they still are only being used in a fraction of overall marketing functions. Those are among the surprising top-line findings from a just-released new edition of The CMO Survey.


How to Win Gen Z In 2024

[The] new survey spills the tea on a strategy that will make 8 in 10 Gen Z more likely to buy from your brand: exclusive offers that reward their lifestage.

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