The Media Minute 5.15.24

Making Time: AI, Automation, And How Business Can Prioritize (And Optimize) Efforts

If I took a poll, I’d bet exactly 100% of us would say we don’t have enough hours in the day. 

The opinions and strategies may vary on what we’d do with any additional bonus hours, but I’m sure we’d all welcome the gift.

Small businesses in particular feel the crunch of workday-hour limitations, and a new survey by Constant Contact and Ascend2 found that most SMBs (56%) spend less than an hour of each day on marketing. Combined with the almost three-quarters of SMBs (73%) that lack confidence in their marketing strategies, it’s a formula that can snowball into bad habits, bad practice, and bad business very quickly.


2024 State of Customer Engagement Report

AI has proved it’s here to stay. In 2023, advancements in predictive and generative AI (hello, ChatGPT) carved a clear path for intelligent customer engagement. Now, brands can ditch the age-old method of one-to-many personalization and deliver unique experiences for every single customer. To understand how brands are adopting AI to offer fully connected experiences — and how customers are responding — we surveyed business leaders and consumers from across the world. 


Opt-Outs Are In: North America Leads The World In This Behavior

North America remained the leading setting for email opt-outs last year, with the U.S. accounting for 76.42% of all opt-outs worldwide, according to a new report from Optizmo Technologies. Yet the total for North America slipped to 79.29%, falling below 80% for the first time as Europe increased to 16.24%. Europe also contributed to a global hike in opt-out activity.


Brands Are Still Investing Big In Sponsored Content On Social Media

U.S. marketers will spend $8.14 million on social media sponsored content this year, marking 16.0% growth YoY, according to our March 2024 forecast. Although spend will rise next year to $9.29 billion, growth is slowing, as marketers spend more carefully with larger creators with whom they can establish long-term relationships.

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