The Media Minute 5.4.22

Your form’s design and layout directly impact whether or not your website visitors will convert on your landing page offer. Because these forms are the final step before conversion, it’s important to create a form that’s easy and straightforward. Mirabel’s Marketing Manager will explain landing page form best practices and cover what to include in terms of form fields, structure, and landing page design. Ultimately, you’ll learn how to create an effective landing page form and how to ensure an easy, intuitive user experience for your website visitors.

The value of mobility data is driven by the idea that the mix of mobile apps on a device and how frequently they are used are a strong representation of their general interests and behaviors … Knowing the kind of apps a specific target group uses and at what times would let marketers form more effective partnerships and serve highly targeted content at the right time. “Mobility data enables us to dig deeper into segments,” says Mike Peralta, VP, and GM of Marketing Solutions. “While most people could guess that users of apps like American Eagle, Nike, or Poshmark skew female and younger, with mobility data, we can obtain more interesting insights.”

Amid mounting privacy laws and the internet’s largest platforms implementing strict data curbs, internal discussions within the IAB Tech Lab aim to establish an accountability framework to help members better coordinate their policies across the globe. Growing demands for better data protection have created the sternest headwinds the online ad industry has ever faced as governments crackdown on clandestine data flows, resulting in a regulatory minefield most companies find challenging to navigate.

It’s no secret that generational differences affect the way audiences interpret and absorb information. Social media platforms continue to evolve, and so do the perspectives of users who continue to find new ways to satisfy their needs for both entertainment and connection. This blog post will explain the increasing shift to video content in publishing and explore some examples of publications that have proven to be experts at connecting with audiences through video.


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