The Media Minute 5.18.22

If you want your email to be opened, first and foremost you need the best email marketing tools. Digital marketing tools for effective email subject lines are huge time-savers. The subject line is the first thing your recipients see, and it’s what determines if they’ll click to view more. Mirabel’s Marketing Manager rounds up the top free email marketing tools for the best subject lines. From testing to generating, here are our top picks from around the internet.

In the latest wessendenbriefing distributed to senior publishing executives, the challenges confronting print newspapers is laid bare, with surging commodity inflation a clear and present danger. This is overlaid with problems in physical logistics, energy and staff costs – all of which are combining to create to create a perfect storm for the industry. On top of the aforementioned challenges, the print newspaper industry is also coming under renewed pressure from the environmental movement for its lack of green credentials (although, as the wessendenbriefing notes, ‘true end-to-end assessments are much more complex than many suggest’).

Google is set to launch a new tool to help users better manage the types of ads they see and precisely who’s behind them, in a move it hopes will placate the privacy and transparency lobby. Dubbed My Ad Center, the upcoming feature will let users of the online giant’s search engine, Discovery tool, and YouTube customize their ad experience on those properties in a variety of ways.

The territory fight: It’s the bane of every publisher and sales manager’s existence. All managers in the publishing industry have to deal with it, but there aren’t many who like to, and for good reason! The best sales reps are notoriously competitive, testing even the best manager’s patience from the very beginning, which is why having good account management rules is important. The challenge is that if your rules are too strict, you won’t get the level of competition necessary to maximize your sales revenue, and if your rules are too relaxed, it turns into a free-for-all where sales reps are often pitted against each other. Then, frequent disputes arise, which wear thin on managers and impact your sales team’s morale. As any publisher knows, it’s not a small issue.

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