The Media Minute 4.5.23

This year’s World Press Trends Outlook was recently released, and amid continued and ever-arising challenges in the publishing industry that What’s New In Publishing says “makes for a sobering read,” WAN-IFRA’s report offers some optimism, particularly as “revenue diversification progresses and publishers double down on new revenue sources and editorial products.”


A powerful and bizarre coalition of Senators have teamed up on a bill that could strike down the digital ad dominance of Google and Meta, though the proposed legislation never mentions those companies by name. The AMERICA Act could radically transform advertising technology, the financial backbone of the internet.


Email marketing is the most-used ecommerce marketing channel, particularly among small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), according to The Ecommerce Marketing Mix Report, a study by Klaviyo. Of SMBs polled, 76.51% use email, as do 72.73% of mid-market businesses.


Tech companies are racing to develop and deploy their own suite of generative AI-powered tools. But as tech fawns over the applications of generative AI, how are consumers responding? Our latest survey explores the excitement and apprehension of widespread AI adoption by consumers and the potential for it to be used by big brands.

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