The Media Minute 4.19.23

From Nest To Notes: Will Substack Notes Inspire Twitter Users To Fly The Coop?

Even as Twitter continues its very-public tailspin, it’s been a tough habit to break for many users, particularly those in the media industry. Enter Notes, Substack’s foray into socializing within the platform, where writers can not only share posts, but also comment, add recommendations, share images and links, and more. 


“Subscription Acquisition Rates Still Rising”: Key Findings from Zuora’s SEI Report

Zuora, the subscription monetisation platform, has released its latest Subscription Economy Index (SEI) report which finds that subscription-based companies continue to grow through a combination of acquiring new customers, retaining existing ones and expanding revenue with add-ons and packages.


Marketing Analytics, Data Infrastructure Spend To Reach $32B By 2026

Lack of reliance on data-driven decisions is the biggest challenge for 29% of the U.S. marketers participating in a study by the Winterberry Group Research, versus lack of centralized data and analytics function across the organization for the 31% of marketers in Europe. 


Consumers Want Generative AI Next for Recipes, Roadside Assistance

Shadowing this month’s headlines of AI chatbots gone rogue is a small but growing question mark: Where will artificial intelligence go next? Brands looking to incorporate AI-powered or -assisted products or services into their business will have to first address consumers’ high levels of distrust and concern with AI. But there’s already a healthy amount of appetite for AI products and services — even for the ones that haven’t quite gone mainstream.

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