The Media Minute 12.13.23

AI Evaluations: The Lessons Readers Are Telling Publishers

ChatGPT turned a whole 1 year old last week, and proud parent OpenAI rounded out that inaugural year in the spotlight with enough boardroom drama to fast-track a Netflix series.

In that first year, study after study has come out revealing how individual businesses and entire industries are either tiptoeing or cannonballing into the AI waters. I’m of the belief that publishers have much to gain from harnessing a wide variety of AI’s current capabilities, and with the launch of Google’s Gemini, I can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store for the technology.

AI within the confines of journalism, however, still seems to be eluding acceptance.


Most Readers Want Publishers To Label AI-Generated Articles — But Trust Outlets Less When They Do

An overwhelming majority of readers would like news publishers to tell them when AI has shaped the news coverage they’re seeing. But, new research finds, news outlets pay a price when they disclose using generative AI.

That’s the conundrum at the heart of new research from University of Minnesota’s Benjamin Toff and Oxford Internet Institute’s Felix M. Simon. Their working paper “‘Or they could just not use it?’: The paradox of AI disclosure for audience trust in news” is one of the first experiments to examine audience perceptions of AI-generated news.


Marketers Use Affiliate Strategies Across The Purchase Funnel

U.S. marketers are using affiliate strategies throughout the purchase journey, including upper-funnel awareness (56%), mid-funnel consideration (58%), and lower-funnel conversion (50%), per June 2023 Gen3 Marketing data.


The B2B Perspective on Multi-Channel Marketing

Today’s top B2B marketers employ a multi-channel strategy to unlock insights, engage customers, and win faster. But how effective is this approach? Where are the biggest opportunities for growth?

ZoomInfo, in collaboration with research firm Ascend2, surveyed 101 B2B marketing professionals about their experiences with multi-channel strategies — the good, the better, and the possible.

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