The Media Minute 12.08.2020

Google Analytics is a free platform for analyzing traffic on your website. This go-to digital marketing tool features a wealth of useful reports and the ability to segment data to extract valuable insights about your website’s performance.

In order to prepare for the elimination of third-party cookies, first-party data is a prerequisite in publishers’ programmatic ad sales. “First-party data has been a way to get in the door, but more and more with advertisers, it is table stakes.”

Social distancing in the battle against COVID-19 proves effective. However, it made 2020 a disastrous year for hosting live events. In March, organizers were forced to create online experiences that satisfied event-goers and conference holders.

It’s no secret that generational differences affect the way audiences interpret and absorb information. Learn about the shift to video content in publishing and explore examples of publications.

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