The Media Minute 11.29.23

Programmatic Advertising 101: A Beginner’s Guide For Advertising Sales Reps

In publishing, the addition of digital advertising has opened a new world of revenue opportunities as well as many challenges. And the technological transition has brought with it opportunities for publishers that did not exist as publishers gain the ability to sell advertising inventory across the entire internet. It’s a challenge for many sales reps to understand how programmatic digital advertising works so they can take advantage of these opportunities.


Turmoil at OpenAI: Now That Sam Altman’s Coming Back, What’s Next For The Creators of ChatGPT?

After some haggling, it’s official: Sam Altman is returning to his post as CEO of OpenAI. How did the world’s hottest generative AI company go through three CEOs in under a week? This is what we know so far.


Follow-Up Folly: Many SMBs Fail To Send Emails After Holiday Rush

Most small businesses depend on holiday sales to make their numbers. But too few have strategies in place to retain new customers, according to Holiday Trends For SMBs, a study from Constant Contact, conducted by Ascend2. Only 49% of the consumers polled receive an email after making a purchase, and 27% never hear from the business again. Yet 81% are open to receiving messages from a small business they have visited or bought from during the holidays.  


B2B Marketers Are Taking A Cautious Approach Toward Data Investments

After years of stronger growth during the pandemic, increases to marketing data outlays are slowing thanks to tighter marketing budgets, privacy regulations, and a need to show ROI. The YoY growth rate in 2023 will be roughly half of what it was in 2022. Macroeconomic conditions, shifting buyer dynamics, and privacy concerns will contribute to this slowdown. We expect the YoY growth rate to increase to 3.8% in 2025 as the economy improves and other concerns are mitigated. That year, marketing data spend will be just shy of $4 billion.

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