The Media Minute 11.22.23

New Study Estimates How Many Billions Google & Meta Owe Publishers

The response time of a Google search result is less than a tenth of a second. For some reason, that’s the first measurement I thought of when I read the recent study of what Google and Facebook might owe U.S. publishers for their content. Using that near-instantaneous micro-metric of a search response, the total tab for the two tech giants comes out to somewhere between $37.73 and $44.07 every tenth of a second. Or, as the study’s more-rounded estimate puts it, between $11.9 billion and $13.9 billion a year.

The Power Of Partnership: How The CEO–CMO Relationship Can Drive Outsize Growth

Amid a challenging macroeconomic environment and rapid change, CEOs are searching for the next engine for growth. The answer may be right in front of them: a redefined and reinvigorated relationship with their CMO.

Big Bucks Martech: Spend Is Expected To Hit Almost $700B This Year

Martech now accounts for 30% of all marketing budgets, and the total spend on martech and sales tech is estimated at $669.3 billion this year, a 31.5% over the $508.9 billion posted in 2022, according to State of Martech and Marketing, 2023/24, a global study by LXA, sponsored by Tealium. Moreover, 83% of CMOs expect increases this year. Still, budgets are getting squeezed and CMOs face numerous obstacles to fully achieving marketing efficiency.

The 2023 B2B Influencer Marketing Report: Elevate & Ignite

The question is no longer, “Does influencer marketing work for B2B?” We already know the answer. The question is, “How can we get the best results from B2B influencer marketing?” Or even better: “What are the most successful B2B brands doing that the rest of us are missing?” For this year’s third annual B2B Influencer Marketing Report, we surveyed over 400 B2B marketers to find out. Our respondents shared their successes, frustrations, accomplishments and best practices.

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