The Media Minute 11.15.23

Branding Exercises: What Publishers Can Do To Improve Trust 

Content is king, as they say, but recent research by Toolkits and National Research Group has found a hierarchy even on that tier. 36% of consumers surveyed said they trust brand-published content more than content from traditional media sources and organizations. That includes newspapers, magazines, TV, and news sites.


Ad Duopoly Looks Over Its Shoulder As Amazon Ad Revenues Jump 26%

Amazon’s ad business is now one of the company’s fastest-growing sectors. Ad revenues enjoyed a 26% increase in Q3, totaling more than $12 billion — double Amazon’s 13% overall revenue growth. Amazon’s ad business has grown impressively over the last several years after a 57.6% boost from the coronavirus pandemic, per our forecast. We expect worldwide ad revenues to grow 18.9% to $44.88 billion this year and to reach $67.59 billion by 2025.


Study: Blogs Appear Most Often In Top Google Positions

Blog posts are the most common content type found in the top 5 Google positions, a new study has found. Multiple CTR studies show most organic clicks go to the top 5 positions on Google Search (around 69% to 74%). So prioritizing the types of content Google rewards with more visibility is only logical.


Report: US E-Retail Media Market Will Double To $85 Billion By 2026

Havas Market is out with a new report about retail media that examines the five most advanced western markets including the U.S., UK, France, Germany and Spain. … Havas cites Statista, IAB and SRI data indicating that e-retail media ad spend is growing at a rate of 15% to 38% across all markets. “This represents a growth rate 3 to 4 times larger than other digital media investments,” which also are still growing significantly. 

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