The Media Minute 11.8.23

Risky Business: Should Publishers Preemptively Offer More Consent Choices?
Two out of three digital publishers in the United States don’t offer their consumers consent choices, according to a new report from Compliant and Peer39. And though, as Ray Schultz writes, U.S. publishers don’t have to contend with the same regulations as EU publishers, this absence of choices is “dangerous considering that the states are passing ever-tougher laws — for example, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).”

Data Disruptor Dilemma: Brands Face Increasing Challenges To Quality
Businesses are being rocked by changes in technology and other shifts. And 88% think their discomfort is going to intensify over the next year, according to Mastering Tomorrow’s Markets: The Data Quality Revolution, a study by Experian. The biggest market disruptors are technology advancement in AI (33%), increased operational costs (32%), [and] depleting skills (29%).

Emerging Technology Trends
“One of the most astounding things about these technologies is that they are pushing the frontiers of economic growth. If we put generative AI together with the basket of automation technologies, we’re looking at a potential of $4.4 trillion of GDP growth globally. That is larger than the size of the United Kingdom.”

Announcing The Growth Report 2023: Special AI Edition
What once was material right out of Sci-Fi is now a part of daily life. From personalized product recommendations to ChatGPT, people are more curious about artificial intelligence than perhaps ever before. Despite some of the pessimistic rhetoric surrounding AI, like the innovation before it (the printing press, the computer, the internet, the cell phone anyone?), new technology brings new opportunities and 2023 is the year that AI exploration has begun to take root.

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