The Media Minute 11.26.2019

At this point, there is little doubt that artificial intelligence is the future of business. The Salesforce “State of Marketing” report found that more than a fifth of businesses currently use AI for marketing purposes, including programmatic buying, personalization, and real-time offers.

Whether your expertise is broad or specific, your organization large or decidedly small, every audience will be made up of many smaller audiences.

YouTube is facing new pressure to restrict ads that surround videos aimed at children who use the platform.

Obviously, there are many reasons to attend journalism conferences — networking, an excuse to leave the newsroom, open bars, self-aggrandized posturing, hanging out with friends and former colleagues.

Three researchers argue the dangers of deepfakes are overblown, but they will still require journalists to give thought to how they handle unconfirmed information.

The publishing industry made more incremental improvements in 2018 in several areas that have been long-standing trouble spots, according to PW’s annual salary and job survey.

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