The Media Minute 12.03.2019

2020 is just around the corner. After a roller-coaster year of dynamic shifts in social networks and shaky new Google SEO updates, it’s time to take a short break to focus on what the new year will bring to the publishing landscape.

In this series from our comprehensive report on publishers and eCommerce, we’ve already explored how major publishers like BuzzFeed, POPSUGAR and Marie Claire UK are innovating in this space.

This holiday shopping season might be six days shorter compared with last year, but it has not slowed down consumers searching for deals and spending more per visit.

While the term “fake news” is thrown around with increased—and even disturbing—regularity, there remains the issue of whether reporters are doing enough to ensure that the information they write is factual and accurate.

Local news is important. Local newspapers are important, regardless of whether or not you’ve read a word on a dead tree in the past year. As I put it in a piece back in April:

In her senior year at Harvard College, Yolanda Scott received a letter informing her that her application to the CIA had been rejected.

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