The Media Minute 11.25.2020

Content marketing continues to dominate digital marketing, and measuring its effectiveness is vital for informing future strategies. Today, the number of clicks and views aren’t the only definition of success. Building brand awareness, engaging audiences, generating leads, selling products are all ultimate goals of content marketing.

Publishers have deployed various strategies to generate loyalty during the pandemic. By harnessing new products and services (and pivoting old ones to meet COVID realities), content creators are using different techniques to pique the interest and deepen the experience of users.

The word “publisher” conjures up different things to different people. Old-schoolers picture The New York Times or Condé Nast, while younger generations may think of digital-first publishers like Refinery29 or consumer-generated outlets like Reddit. Yet, anyone working in media and advertising knows that two largest “publishers” are actually Google and Facebook.

When it comes to magazine media and digital publications, reliable software is a necessity. From publishing CRM and magazine design, to circulation and subscription management, this ultimate guide to magazine software is an overview of the most popular tools in the publishing industry.

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