The Media Minute 11.10.21

Marketing CRMs track digital interactions on websites and social media, send automated emails based on sales readiness, and so much more. They’re undoubtedly a necessity of every business to nurture leads, retain clients, and everything in-between. Moving beyond utilizing the basics of the software, what’s in store for the marketing CRM in 2022?

Facebook is changing its name to Meta and with it, the future focus of the company. Meta’s long-term mission will be to bring the metaverse to life and help people connect, find communities and grow businesses. The change moves the company beyond its social media roots, but will its planned move to the metaverse affect publishers?

Publishers need to build relationships with their audiences that they can then connect to advertisers. Companies must also simultaneously architect internal systems around data custodianship to protect consumer data. In fact, consumer privacy and business outcomes are closely correlated in a complementary way. The companies that champion consumer privacy and work to create a sustainable omnichannel ecosystem that drives better results for every constituent will be the winners, now and in the future.

The technologically advanced, data-driven society we live in needed a face-lift when it came to presenting content in a user-friendly, accessible way. It’s time to stop thinking about digital editions as a sidekick. They’re the superheroes we deserve, and they can help your audience connect with your content moving forward. Here’s a closer look at why now is the time to shift to digital.

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