The Media Minute 1.3.24

Cancel Culture: More Consumers Would Subscribe If Canceling Was Easier

A study by Toolkits and National Research Group recently asked consumers about their subscriptions to digital publications, and 67% said they’d be more likely to purchase a new subscription if the cancellation process was easier.

“Converting new subscribers is becoming increasingly challenging for many publishers as competition for consumer attention intensifies and they begin to search for growth beyond their most engaged and loyal audience segments,” writes Toolkits’ Jack Marshall. “The data suggest that easier cancellation processes could actually help publishers drive incremental conversions and revenue: If consumers are confident they can easily cancel subscriptions, they might be more likely to subscribe in the first place.”


Publishers Forecast To Lose $54B In Revenue From Ad-Blocking

Publishers are estimated to lose $54 billion in ad revenue globally due to ad blocking in 2024, representing about 8% of total ad spend, according to data released Monday.


ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study

Knowledge is power. With programmatic media, data drives knowledge and is the enabler that allows marketers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns. Access to data, pulling insights from data, and then acting on those insights provides a pathway for marketers to optimize their programmatic media investments.


84% of B2B Deals Are Decided Before Marketers Even Know About Them

B2B selling teams are at a disadvantage, according to the 2023 B2B Buyer Experience Report released from 6sense. The report indicates that marketing efforts play a critical role in the B2B buying journey with 84% of deals decided upon first contact – made by buyers. These insights come at a time when sales and marketing executives agree that revenue generation has become increasingly difficult.

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