The Media Minute 1.10.24

Publishing Paradise: What Would An Ad-Free Facebook Look Like?

Meta announced last Fall that it would be launching a subscription service in the EU, giving Facebook and Instagram users the option to pay for an ads-free experience. And the reactions and hypothetical questions this proposal prompted were instant and only continue to snowball.

For now, speculating and hypothetical pre-planning are about all we can do as Meta’s subscription model takes shape in Europe and casts shadows here in America. 

Looking at it from a publisher’s perspective, I can’t help but think a Meta subscription model here in America could help ease the pain for publishers competing in the social media ad arena.


Survey Reveals Marketers Waste The Most Time On Improving Tone

A marketing expert has suggested that almost 50% of marketing teams may need to improve their Tone of voice (TOV) guidelines to improve efficiency. This suggestion follows the recent finding that rewriting copy to improve tone is the most time-consuming part of the copy development process, as reported by 44% of marketers. Clearer TOV guidelines would allow marketers to get better quality content into the market faster.


Linkedin Ad Prices Surge As Advertisers’ X Boycott Continues

Prices have surged by as much as 30% – but advertisers are reporting up to 20% ROI for premium LinkedIn campaigns. LinkedIn ad prices have soared due to a surge in demand reportedly driven by the advertiser boycott of X.


Email Tide: Usage Booms, Especially When Combined With Other Channels

Email has been booming this year — especially when used in combination with other channels, according to The State of Messaging, a study by and Overall, there was a 26% increase in email volume, at least on the platform. But that was outpaced by a 44% hike in brands using two or more channels.

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