The Media Minute 09.25.2018

Back in 2012, I was working as an editor at a major national magazine, and running the publication’s social media accounts fell under my purview. One day I received an email from a Google employee. She worked as a media liaison for Google Plus, a platform that, at this point in time, Google was still hoping would grow to become a viable Facebook competitor..

Are you gazing out the window at the fall colors, (or thinking about your favorite football team) instead of paying attention to all your unanswered emails? What about all the follow-ups? If you want to have stellar ad sales in 2019, think about making some changes NOW.

For Boston Magazine, events and experiential marketing are key ways to help sponsors and partners create engagement in numerous channels.

Hauser & Wirth is launching yet another new venture: a quarterly art magazine called Ursula, in honor of gallery co-founder Ursula Hauser.

In pursuit of revenue growth, the move to a subscription model has been inevitable for media businesses. For many publishers, the first inclination is to adopt a paywall strategy that gives readers access to a limited number of articles for free, after which they are charged a fee per article.

Bloomberg Media is trying to turn its Twitter network TicToc into a full-fledged media brand. The network, started in December, was part of a slew of live video push by Twitter that’s included partnerships with Cheddar, the WNBA and BuzzFeed. TicToc was the only 24-7 streaming network, though, so the expectations are higher.

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