The Media Minute 08.06.2019

The rise of big data–and the ability to collect, analyze and use it–has transformed industries from finance and healthcare to retail and logistics, and publishing is no exception.

Media organizations are increasingly using analytics to drive editorial strategy, and most acknowledge the need for cross-departmental access to content performance and audience data.

Seven-day newspapers aren’t just talking about cutting out one or two days a week in print – they’re talking five or six. Is this the only way to accelerate the transition to digital or speeding their own decline?

Today we’re bringing back one of our all-time favorite Million Dollar Ideas from our Niche CEO Summits. (Niche Pro Tip – there’s another one coming up in November.)

While the US is home to Silicon Valley and a host of innovative startups, there’s one area that hasn’t caught up with Europe. American news media lacks strong, resilient technology to support the switch to subscriptions.

Hundreds of young people are entering the startup ecosystem. It’s a flood of such companies and activity. ┬áThe whole country is coming up with new ideas for products and service.

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