The Media Minute 07.30.2019

Everyone cares about their reputation to a certain degree. Emails have reputations too even though they aren’t people. Just check your spam folder. These emails have bad reputations for many reasons.

Every publisher knows that developing revenue from either the reader or advertiser side of the equation is critical for your growth as a niche publication.

Staff reporter Hanna Horvath, of Policygenius, knew that her readers are typically people in their thirties and forties, going through major life changes like getting married, having kids, buying homes, and navigating the unfamiliar financial responsibilities that go with them.

Feeds are still the dominant ad placement within Facebook. But ad buyers say they’re seeing more of a shift to Stories, in particular, Instagram Stories, over the last year.

Change does not want to happen. The status quo is tenacious. Change management is hard.
Heck, Newton’s first law is the Law of Inertia. Things will stay as they are, unless a force pushes or pulls on them.

Family Tree, which was also acquired by AIM during the auction, was resold to Yankee Publishing.

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