The Media Minute 06.13.2017

YUDU Express Publishing Launch

  • YUDU are pleased to announce the launch of YUDU Express. YUDU Express replaces YUDU Plus as the next generation of high quality instant cross device publishing for just £6/month.

Behind Rogers Media’s Biggest Transformation

  • Last year saw one of Canada’s biggest magazine publishers take some bold steps: eliminate some print editions, reduce frequency of others, shift some titles to digital-only, and sell off others.

Bauer Media Launches Teen Boss, A Newsstand Glossy For Gen Z Entrepreneurs

  • Teen Boss, an ad-free, newsstand glossy, is Bauer’s answer to the struggling teen magazine market.

How Publishers Use Emotion To Promote Content On Facebook

  • There used to be one neat trick that led to OMG results for publishers that shared their content on Facebook.

Video Consumption By Mag Audience Increases Popularity, Improves User Experience

  • Magazine media audiences continue to increase their consumption of video content.

Social Media Marketing 2017: Top Trends To Drive Digital Audience & Revenue!

  • Social Media Examiner (SME) recently published their 2017 Social Media Marketing Report to learn what businesses are doing effectively and what they want to do better, both in B2C and B2B.

Hearst, Scripps Team Up For Another TV-Inspired Magazine Launch

  • Just a few weeks after cutting frequency to Dr. Oz the Good Life and laying off staffers, Hearst Magazines has indicated that it still believes in celebrity-driven titles in print.

As Apple And Google Take Aim At Ads, Publishers Tremble

  • It’s been a week of muscle-flexing by the platform giants.

Google’s AMP Pages Mean Visitors Spend More Time With Content

  • Chartbeat says visitors to web pages that load with Google AMP are spending 35 percent more time with that content on average than with standard mobile web pages.
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