The Media Minute 06.06.2017

The online advertising duopolies –  Facebook and Google – command 85% of ad spend.

Three months since Facebook started running ads in publishers’ videos, participants are finding there’s money to be made — as long as they have a ton of scale.

Refinery29 knows how to stand out in its readers’ inboxes.

Google didn’t become an online advertising powerhouse by bolting on banner ads. It sold what it was good at: search.

As more local print newsrooms try to figure out how to become digital, a digital site in Charlotte, North Carolina did exactly the opposite — it turned to print.

I have several media conferences that I relish and greatly look forward to each year, and IMAG-MPA is one of the best of them.

A recent report by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte found that nearly 90% of managers surveyed report that their industry is likely to be disrupted by digital technologies.

Google has told publishers it will give them at least six months to prepare for a new ad-blocking tool the company is planning to introduce in its Chrome web browser next year.

Ascential has sold 11 business media brands which were formerly part of Emap to Croydon based publisher Metropolis for £23.5m.

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