The Media Minute 06.09.2021

Email marketing is an art that takes plenty of time and patience to master. Most of the mastering comes from optimization, but in order to know what or how to optimize, you first need to understand the metrics used to determine the effectiveness and success of your emails.

Media owners may feel like their cups are half empty. Admittedly, it’s a tough business to be in right now. Certainly, the advertising industry is in the middle of a “Great Reset.” However, we must remember that change also means opportunity.

Page views and click-throughs are not enough anymore. To grow loyal audiences and develop the broadest range of monetization opportunities, you need the tools to build a deep understanding of what content works.

As much as consumers love valuable content, advertisers love it even more. And whether you’re sharing your content on page, on a screen, or through airwaves and cables, there are invaluable software systems out there devoted to helping you manage ad sales and ensure your content hits all targets.

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