The Media Minute 06.02.2021

Reading the news has been a morning ritual for ages. If you haven’t jumped on the email newsletter train yet, do so immediately.

The innovations in marketing technologies and platforms over the past decade have been transformational for the marketing industry. For publishers, the latest and greatest in MarTech and software can be both groundbreaking and challenging.

Google Shares How it Ranks News Sources: Transparency is “A Major Factor”

Google recently shared new details about how it ranks news sources, with transparency being a major factor. The search giant provided more information about how it evaluates transparency to determine which publishers to prioritize across its products, like Google News and the top stories carousel in search results.

A CRM for magazine publishers takes the specific needs of publishers into account and includes industry-specific features, like subscription management, ad invoicing, and flat-planning. Here are five platforms worth considering.

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