The Media Minute 05.07.2019

Advertisers are keenly aware of the power of personalisation, an especially important issue in the time of consent.

Are you doing everything necessary to ensure the future growth of your business? It starts with taking a 360-degree view of every single product in your line-up, and then evaluating how those products will fit within your future plans.

Publishers can’t seem to catch a break. With the continuous stream of anti-ad-tracking updates from Apple, and reports that Google is developing its own version for Chrome, many are feeling frazzled.

Put your readers first, and your web traffic and revenue will follow. At least that’s what B2B media company HousingWire has learned since expanding and refocusing editorial coverage in 2018.

Today’s news publishers are facing difficult situations, among them selecting the best membership model suited for their consumers.

There isn’t a company leader out there today who doesn’t realize that their ability to harness and interpret data will make or break their business.

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