The Media Minute 04.23.2019

FIPP, in collaboration with UPM Communication Papers, recently released a whitepaper, The Future of Media. It looks into the value print adds, and how it fits into the wider publishing ecosystem.

The publishing space is one of the most rapidly evolving markets across the digital landscape. Unlike the majority of the platforms hosted online, publishers rank on top alongside ecommerce…

Your website is the center of your digital publishing universe, promoting your brand 24/7. It’s where your devoted audience follows and engages with you, and new leads find you.

Digital studio Collab is best known for helping former Vine stars find their old videos on YouTube, claim them and make money off of ads that run before those videos.

Only days after Swisscom announced its first 5G phones, Switzerland’s Federal Office of Communications gave the carrier permission to start offering commercial 5G services, enabling it to officially launch the country’s first 5G network this week.

There are a number of E Ink powered devices that act as secondary monitors. The best ones have a dedicated HDMI port that can connect to your video card and can display content.

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