The Media Minute 05.01.2018

The rise of artificial intelligence in general, and machine learning in particular, has been an emerging theme at DIS for several years now.

Recently I sat down with Thorin McGee, editor-in-chief of sister publication Target Marketing, to discuss the technologies publishers are adopting – and in some cases have mastered – to consider how this impacts the marketing ecosystem.

There’s isn’t much left to say about Joanna Coles that hasn’t already been said. Her celebrity within the magazine industry ballooned during her six year stint as editor-in-chief of Marie Claire and then arguably more so during her four-year tenure at Cosmopolitan.

Despite the exponential rise in programmatic advertising, late payment has become an area of increasing concern.

Hearst Magazines is acquiring a minority stake in Gear Patrol, a digital and print publication focused on products and enthusiast communities, to help the company branch out into more e-commerce efforts to diversify revenue..

The Times of London, which shifted two years ago to a publishing schedule of three daily digital editions, is seeing a payoff in one critical area: attracting and keeping subscribers.

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