The Media Minute 04.24.2018

If reports originating from Bloomberg are true, Apple is making a renewed foray into the world of publishing with the launch of a news and magazine subscription service.

INTERACTIONS ON SOME LOCAL PUBLISHERS’ Facebook posts are down by as much as 56 percent compared to the two years prior, despite an algorithm change that Mark Zuckerberg says was deliberately designed to promote news from local sources on the platform.

Maintaining a 130-year-old publication’s place among the world’s most relevant and widely read print magazines means getting a lot of things right

Facebook’s algorithm change earlier this year highlighted that the audiences that publishers and influencers cultivated in these walled-garden platforms are not their own.

Launched last June, Google’s ‘Funding Choices’ platform was designed to help publishers recover lost revenue from ad blockers.

My team believes that by investing in the subscribers we have and making the subscription experience better and better, we’ll be able to help all parts of the subscription business.

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