The Media Minute 04.03.2018

When publishers consider the size of the digital audience they can deliver to advertisers, the focus is typically on who is visiting their site. But ultimately, success is going to be based on the percentage of that audience that made it over to the advertiser’s site.

With many magazines struggling to maintain cash-flow and build a solid business model an ability to develop sustainable income streams is crucial. Mary Hogarth investigates where membership packages are the way forward.

In a December column for Folio:, Nick Giallourakis described the different ways media companies can repurpose content to create valuable new assets.

Ad agencies using data to retarget publishers’ audiences is nothing new. But multiple publishers said they’re getting more frequent, onerous demands from ad agencies wanting to get their hands on that audience data.

The notion of a digital newsstand is nothing new, but 2018 has seen a revival of the concept following several large shots in the arm, as publishers and platforms continue to seek new ways to engage users and monetise their products.

Agencies and marketers are scrambling to make sense of the latest Facebook move to drop third-party data.

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