The Media Minute 03.06.2018

Micropayments, once heralded as a potential lucrative revenue stream for independent publishers before falling out of favour, are starting to make a comeback.

Despite an entire career spent in publishing, I took a brief detour into the agency world, specifically a content marketing agency.

At least, in theory: Google Chrome launched its new built-in ad blocker on Feb. 15 in response to the Coalition for Better Ads’ 2017 Ad Experience Report. It’s part of an initiative to improve the user experience and reduce the number of “bad ads” across the web.

Publishers may be getting dinged — and in some cases destroyed — by Facebook’s move to decrease the amount of publisher content in the News Feed, but the declines in social sharing have long been in motion.

The ABC yesterday released the consumer magazine circulation results for the July – December 2017 period and publishers have responded with their interpretation of the figures.

The notion that print is dead is not accurate. I think print isn’t dead, it’s just different. Gone are the times where you can operate with an inflated rate base or 12 times per year as a standard.

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