The Media Minute 02.27.2018

Yesterday’s Consumer Magazine report marks a key step change for ABC, revealing new industry agreed Standards that simplify reporting and further support market growth, says the ABC.

While most advertising on the web is respectful of user experience, over the years we’ve increasingly heard from our users that some advertising can be particularly intrusive.

Digital media companies may be facing some significant challenges, from taking on the ad blockers through to working out a response to the recalibration of Facebook’s news feeds.

It’s tough sometimes to find the good news stories in the publishing business; more often than not, the pros are outweighed by the cons.

The last decade has seen massive shifts in magazine media, in part due to digital publishing startups that are competing by creating innovative (and cheap) products that aim to stay a step ahead of ongoing disruptive forces.

Over the past six months, the amount of money publishers spent to distribute branded content on Facebook has risen dramatically, according to Keywee, a content marketing tool. In the fourth quarter of 2017, spending on branded-content distribution leapt 159 percent year over year.

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